Our passion, dedication and genuine care for each and every patient is what sets us apart;
patient experience is at the centre of what we do and we offer an outstanding service that is
accessible to all.

Our Mission Statement:

Here at The Dental Hygiene Studio our mission is to provide patients with an outstanding level of care, to promote health and well-being in a modern and accessible way. 

What makes us different? 

Our attention to detail, our level of patient satisfaction, and an honest love of what we do sets us apart. We are a warm, friendly and professional team of dental hygienists and non-clinical staff.

Our values:

  • We pride ourselves on offering unique and welcoming services to all patients.
  • We provide patients with evidence-based treatments using the latest technology.
  • Our studio is a non-intimidating, friendly and reassuring setting for you to have a treatment of your choice.
  • Valuing every patient and making their treatment as pain free and enjoyable as possible.
  • Using only the highest quality product equipment.
  • Striving to continue to improve and offer the best possible service, we provide opportunities for patient feedback surveys and suggestions.
  • Ensure our patient database is updated and ensure that all patients are contacted about special offers, promotions and treatments available.

At The Dental Hygiene Studio, professionalism is paramount; we provide the best level of care to each patient and reassure, support and advise on the best treatments suitable, for them as an individual.