Monthly Membership Plans

Want to spread the cost of your appointments with us?

Spread the Cost

Peace of Mind

Worldwide Cover

Airflow & Scale Plans:


 Plan A

 2 Airflow treatments per year:

£15.41 per month

Plan B

 4 Airflow treatments per year:

£29.58 per month

 Hand Scale Only Plans:


Plan C

 2 Hand scale treatments per year:

£12.08 per month

Plan D

 4 Hand scale treatments per year:

£22.91 per month

Children’s Plans:


Plan A

 2 Hygienist visits per year:

£7.08 per month

Plan B

 4 Hygienist visits per year:

£12.91 per month

Global Emergency Cover

ALL OUR PLANS include: 

Worldwide Accident & Emergency Insurance.

What does it cover?

The purpose of the policy is to provide an insured person with dental services during the period of cover for treatment of dental conditions by a dentist.

Emergency treatment benefits  Benefit will be paid for emergency treatment up to the maximum value of £500 per incident, up to £2000 for the year.

Treatment following an accident – Benefit will be paid for the cost of treatment following an accident up to a maximum annual aggregate of £12,000. The insurance also provides hospital cash benefit, oral cancer benefit and permanent facial disfigurement.

Spreading the cost, and having peace of mind.

We realise that you dont want to compromise your oral health, but finances are being pinched now more than ever. Our bespoke plans puts you back in control of your finances, your health and gives you the flexibility to choose which plan suits you best.


Puts you in control


Access to member only privileges


Budgeting stability

We Understand


We offer a range of monthly plans that are tailored to our patients’ needs. Because we understand that times are tough for everyone at the moment, especially during this financial crisis, we wanted to launch a monthly affordable direct debit which will help.

Knowing that your preventive dental care is already paid for makes you less likely to postpone vital appointments, and therefore less likely to require expensive dental treatment in the long run. That means peace of mind, and not compromising your important oral health while helping budget that all important cost.

Not sure what you need?

Speak to our knowledgeable staff before signing up if you have questions. We’re always happy to discuss your treatment with you.

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