Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment and can only legally and safely be carried out in the UK by registered dental professionals who are registered with the GDC. For more information, see here.

The main side-effect of teeth whitening is sensitivity. Up to 70% of people who have teeth whitening will experience some form of sensitivity, from mild discomfort to great discomfort.  This is temporary and will resolve, given a little time, after stopping or finishing your treatment.

Tooth whitening is a very safe procedure when performed correctly. 

Whitening can only be performed in a healthy mouth. We need to assess your mouth to ensure it is healthy before commencing. This is why we need a copy of your most recent xrays, or have arranged for you to have some taken.

Your teeth will take approximately take 2 weeks to whiten, however you may wish to whiten your teeth for longer if your desired results are not achieved within this time period. 

We will supply you with approx 2 weeks worth of bleach and bleaching trays. If your desired results are not achieved you will have to purchase additional bleach, at an additional cost to you, from the practice.

Tooth Whitening will only lighten your natural teeth – it will not lighten any existing dental work. ⁣

(There is a possibility that if you whiten your natural teeth, that you will need to replace old crowns, veneers or fillings, the cost of which is not included in the whitening)



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