Tooth Whitening

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Thinking Of Having Tooth Whitening?

We use 2 different brands to whiten teeth, depending on the patient’s needs.

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Boutique Consultation, Full dental exam,

Bespoke trays, Starter kit of 4 gels

(Approx 2 weeks worth)

for ONLY £295

The Boutique whitening system: 

The cost of this system is currently £295 and includes bespoke fitting upper and lower trays, approximately 2 weeks worth of gel, and a full dental examination. (X-Ray cost not included). This brand sometimes causes increased sensitivity whilst having it done, and you’ll need to avoid tea/coffee/red wine/tomato based foods like Spag Bol and pizza etc. Top up syringes are not included in the cost but may be bought from us per syringe.

Enlighten Evo4 Consultation, Full dental exam,

Bespoke trays, Starter kit of 3 gels

(Approx 3 weeks worth)

for £650

The Enlighten Evo4 whitening system:

The cost of this system is currently £650 and is our premium class brand which includes bespoke fitting upper and lower trays, approximately 3 weeks’ worth of gel, and Enlighten serum to be used before the whitening process to strengthen teeth first, and help reduce any sensitivity that the whitening process may involve.

It also includes 6 months worth of top up.

Also included is an Enlighten whitening toothpaste to use afterwards to help keep the effects. If you’ve ever had sensitivity from whitening in the past, this may be the product for you. This system also means that you DO NOT have to avoid tea/coffee/red wine/tomato-based foods like Spag Bol, pizza, etc. (which you need to do when using The Boutique system).

How We Do It

Teeth Whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment and can only legally and safely be carried out in the UK by registered dental professionals who are registered with the GDC. For more information, see here.

Legally, to have whitening in the UK, you need to have a full dental check-up with a dentist when you receive your trays. (That’s all included in the cost, and carried out here at The Studio)

This is to ensure that you are a good candidate for whitening, and you haven’t got any areas of concern.

Whitening is a perfectly safe procedure, but only on a patient who has no decay/cracks/outstanding treatment, as proceeding with decay/cracks etc may mean you can damage your teeth, and in some instances, lose a tooth. (Which no-one wants!) To be able to do this, we need to see X-Rays of your teeth.

 Your teeth will take approximately 2-3 weeks to whiten, however, you may wish to whiten your teeth for longer if your desired results are not achieved within this time. 

We will supply you with the starter pack of bleach and bleaching trays. If your desired results are not achieved you will have to purchase additional bleach, at an additional cost to you, from the practice.

Tooth Whitening will only lighten your natural teeth – it will not lighten any existing dental work. ⁣

(There is a possibility that if you whiten your natural teeth, you may feel the need to replace old crowns, veneers or fillings, the cost of which is not included in the whitening)

Dental X-Rays

To be able to proceed to the stage where you can have your impressions taken, we also need to have a copy of your latest ‘BITEWING’ X-Rays.

This is so that our Dentist can safely ensure that you’re a great candidate to have it done safely.

If you are registered with a dentist, and had X-Rays in the last 2 years, we can use those to save you paying for new ones. You can request a copy of them which can be sent via email to us, or if you’ve not had X-rays in the last 2 years, you’d need to have some new ones taken (which we can take here at a cost of £10 per X-Ray, usually needing 2 or 3) before our dentist here can fit your whitening trays.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does it damage the tooth?

Not if its done correctly. Our Dentist needs to be able to complete a full dental check up, to ensure that you have no issues with decay. Its a very safe procedure when its perfomed via a GDC registered Clinician. However, you can get burned gums and actual tooth loss if you choose to buy DIY products elsewhere. Always chat to your Dental Professional first.

Will I get sensitivity?

Sometimes, yes. This is only temporary, and everyone experiences varying degrees of it. Some don’t have any at all, whereas some people report quite severe sensitivity for a day or two afterwards.

How long does it last?

To be perfectly honest, it varies from person to person. The effects are permanent because it bleaches a structure inside your teeth which is why most toothpastes do not work. But its all about personal preference. Some people prefer a bright white ‘Hollywood’ shade, and so bleach more often to achieve this look, and some people prefer a more naturally brighter look. The good thing about it, is it is customisable to each person.

Does it use a light, or a laser?

No. The tray system we use achieves a much more long-lasting effect than a light can.

I've got crowns and bridges and veneers, will these be affected?

No. Because the crowns/veneers have been colour-matched to your natural tooth colour before the whitening, these will not change colour.

We would always recommend having teeth whitening FIRST before having any crowns/veneers/bridges/implants so that they can be colour-matched to your new tooth shade*.

If you have whitening anyway, you may find that the crowns etc appear much darker, and they may have to be replaced. 

*So long as a Dentist says its safe to do so.

How many appointments will I need?

You will need to book two appointments

Appointment one: a free consultation to have a chat about your tooth whitening goals and that you are suitable. If you’re happy then we can take the impressions at this stage and we send them to our lab who make you high quality bespoke tooth whitening trays.

Appointment two: Approx 1-2 weeks later, when your new whitening trays are back from the lab, we can then fit them and our Dentist can do your examination. Then you can start to whiten your teeth from home each evening for the next 2 weeks.

Will I need a professional clean beforehand?

We recommend having a Hygienist visit prior to starting (or topping up) your tooth whitening. This is to maximise the effects of the gel and to ensure you have as little barriers on your teeth as possible from surface staining and plaque and tarter.

How quickly will I notice a result?

Because its a gradual process, you will start to notice very subtle changes within a few days. It usually takes approx 2 weeks of using the trays every day. Some peoples teeth take longer to lighten, and therefore may need more than the starter kit to achieve the desired result. Speak to your Hygienist for more advice.

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