Price List

Below are our fees for straightforward appointments which patients usually book themselves. Each appointment also includes an oral cancer examination, fresh breath advice and help to brush in a more effective way.

Sometimes, a patient has gum disease and don’t know they have it. All of our clinicians are trained and registered with the GDC and are experts in detecting gum disease. We also offer detailed courses of treatment which diagnose and treat gum disease and help you to feel the effects from a gum disease free mouth!

All further appointments needed to treat any gum disease will be discussed at your initial appointment.


Hand-scale & Polish £45.00  

– Traditional scale and polish.  

No water, just ‘the pick’ and a polish to make your teeth sparkly and remove bacteria and some smaller amounts of staining. 

Don’t forget your toothbrush! 

Airflow & Scale £65.00  

– Also known as ‘Guided Biofilm Therapy’ or GBT (See What’s it all about?’ at the top of the page for more details. 

To be honest, it’s a bit like a jet wash! 

It’s a bit of air, water (constantly heated to body temperature or 40 degrees), and super-fine powder to remove all surface staining, bacteria, plaque, and debris. The Scaler uses the same machine to remove the tarter (or the hard deposits stuck to the tooth) and we spend time assessing your cleaning techniques. Don’t forget your toothbrush!  

Sports Mouthguards £70.00  

– For all contact sports, protect your smile with a custom fitting mouthguard. For the benefits of using a custom-made mouth guard instead of a shop bought one, see ‘Mouthguards’ at the top of this page. 

Tooth Whitening £250.00  

– Custom made trays and a starter kit of 4 bleaching gels with instructions fully explained and demonstrated 

Children’s Clean £30.00  

– Diet advice and toothbrush demo, disclosing tablet and removal of plaque and tarter. 

Denture Clean £30.00 

– no teeth? Your denture needs a clean to remove staining and tarter? No problem!