This is the new and state of the art way to have a hygienist visit. But not all Airflow machines are the same…

We have the EMS prophylaxis master which heats the water to a constant body temperature, so its neither hot nor cold. It reduces the sensitivity and provides the gold standard in hygienist visits.

Its a little bit of air, a little bit of warm water, and a little bit of super fine (non abrasive ) powder. Patients love the squeaky clean feel after they’ve experienced an Airflow appointment.

We carry out something called GBT which is the totally new way to diagnose, treat and prevent gum disease.

GBT (Guided Biofilm Therapy) is how we use the Airflow machine to utilise its full potential.

Patients love its stain removal capabilities, but we love the science behind what makes it so effective at treating and preventing gum disease.

We especially love how nervous and anxious patients are so impressed at the end of the appointment! 

Contact us to find out more, You wont be disappointed.

Its SO good, even children love the sensation and and feeling of their mouth afterwards.

..and what they dont realise, is that we’re giving them great habits to get into to prevent decay, toothache and gum problems when theyre older.

Its a win win!

It is also the gold standard for maintaining dental implants. 

Dental implants are titanium rods which are screwed into the bone to form ‘the root’ of new teeth. These rods need meticulous cleaning and care, and demand only the highest quality products which are low abrasive to remove all the bacteria from around them to keep them healthy.

GBT is the gold standard in Implant care.

Why would you trust anything less?