I first saw it when I attended The Women’s Organisation in Liverpool in 2018. 

I was there to get some much-needed start-up business advice when setting up my business, The Dental Hygiene Studio. This quote greeted me as a small plaque on the reception desk. Immediately I knew that I would meet like-minded, positive, brave, and exciting women who also wanted to be seen and heard. 

When I was a little girl, I was always told to be a ‘good girl’ and ‘behave’. So consequently I was a very quiet and shy young lady. 

People who know me now, however, know that I’m neither quiet nor shy, so when I saw this quote I was thrilled to realise my blossoming was a normal coming of age. 

Now, being in my fifties, I’m confident, passionate and opinionated. I don’t sit quietly anymore if there is something I want to say. Or do!

I’m still kind and polite, honest and trustworthy. But I’m also sometimes scared and unsure of myself and brave and confident all at the same time. I love being a dichotomy of personal traits and I think I love this quote because it permits us to say and do stuff we might never have had the opportunity to do before… 

Being a strong female role model in my business is important to me to empower my female workforce, and also to address the gender bias in business especially.

Would it surprise you to know that only 18% companies in the UK are led by women in 2024, Meanwhile, almost two-thirds of companies in the UK 65% are male-led? …And the average loan approved for women-led businesses is £174,000, around a third of the average of £507,000 approved for businesses led by men.(finder.com)

So my message is: Be empowered and brave. Be confident and gritty. Be assertive and ambitious. Be focused and sassy. Be the one who asks questions and misbehaves!

…And go out there and make some history of your own.